Pregnancy Care Tips: Sitting in this position can be dangerous for pregnant women, know here...


Sitting position to avoid during pregnancy: Getting pregnant is great news for every woman. But there are many ups and downs in this journey. Sometimes health is affected and sometimes the mind becomes restless. Nothing is permanent in this journey. That's why women have to take many precautions so that they can take full care of themselves and their unborn babies. In this sequence, women should also take care of their sitting position. So do you know in which positions you should not sit during pregnancy? Let us tell you about this.


Many people like to sit cross-legged. In this state one should generally sit on the floor, it gives a lot of comfort to the person sitting and also improves blood circulation. There are many other benefits of sitting in this position. But pregnant women should not sit in this position. Physiotherapists themselves do not recommend sitting cross-legged on the floor for pregnant women who complain of abdominal pain, backache, and pelvic girdle pain. Apart from this, due to sitting in this position for a long time, there is pressure on the feet, which affects blood circulation, and can make pregnant women uncomfortable.

Cross sit
According to experts, pregnant women do not have any problem sitting cross-legged, but sitting in this position can make delivery easier. But this does not apply to every pregnant woman. Some pregnant women have problems sitting in this position. When she sits in this position, it blocks blood circulation, which can increase the blood pressure of the pregnant woman. High BP can cause many other problems for a pregnant woman. If a pregnant woman has to sit in this position, try not to sit in this position for more than 30 minutes.


What position to sit in
Some positions are very helpful during delivery. One of these positions is the squat position. By sitting in this position, the muscles of the pelvic area become strong and flexible. It is necessary to open the pelvic area during delivery so that delivery is easy. This is the reason why experts themselves recommend pregnant women to sit in this position during the last months of pregnancy. By the way, the squat is also a type of exercise, if you want, you can do this exercise with the help of an expert.

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