PPF Tips: These 3 benefits of this government-guaranteed scheme will surprise you, and money will come running..

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National Pension Scheme: If your wife does not want to be dependent on anyone for money in the future, then you can arrange for a regular income for her. You can open a New Pension System (NPS) account in the name of your wife. The NPS account will give a lump sum amount to your wife at the age of 60. Apart from this, you will get the benefit of a pension every month. This will be the wife's regular income. The biggest benefit of an NPS Account is that you can decide for yourself how much pension you want every month. Your wife will not be short of money at the age of 60.


Open an NPS account in your wife's name
You can open a New Pension System (National Pension Scheme) account in your wife's name. You get the option of depositing money every month or annually at your convenience. You can open an NPS account in your wife's name even with Rs 1,000. The NPS account matures at the age of 60. Under the new rules, if you want, you can keep running the NPS account till your wife is 65 years old.

₹5000 monthly investment will create a fund of ₹1.14 crore
Understand this with an example- Your wife is 30 years old and you invest ₹5000 every month in her NPS account. If she gets a 10% annual return on investment, then at the age of 60, she will have a total of ₹1.12 crore in her account. She will get around ₹45 lakh from this. Apart from this, she will start getting a pension of around ₹45,000 every month. She will keep getting this pension for life.

How much lump sum amount and how much pension will be received
Age- 30 years

Total period of investment- 30 years

Monthly contribution- ₹5,000

Estimated return on investment- 10%

Total pension fund- ₹1,11,98,471 can be withdrawn on maturity.


The amount to buy an annuity plan is ₹44,79,388.
Rs 67,19,083 Estimated annuity rate 8% Monthly pension - Rs 44,793 Fund manager does account management NPS is the social security scheme of the central government. The money you invest in this scheme is managed by professional fund managers. The central government gives this responsibility to these professional fund managers. In such a situation, your investment in NPS is completely safe. However, the return on the money you invest under this scheme is not guaranteed. According to financial planners, NPS has given an average return of 10 to 11 percent annually since its inception.

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