PPF Tips: Big update for those investing in PPF, note down 5th of the month..


Public Provident Fund Scheme: 5th date... Actually, this date comes every month and is quite common. But this date is very important for those people who have opened an account in PPF. What is the connection of the Public Provident Fund with the 5th? If you invest money keeping in mind the 5th of every month, you will get more benefits.


In the PPF scheme, interest rates are calculated on a monthly basis. The interest amount is credited at the end of the financial year. How much interest will you get on your PPF account? 5th date plays a very important role in its calculation.

You will get more interest if done before 5th -
If you pay interest on the lowest balance of your PPF account between the 5th of every month and the last date of the month, the 30th or 31st. For this reason, you should deposit the amount before the 5th, so that you will get more interest.

How much interest is being received?
Interest is available at the rate of 7.1 percent in PPF. Whatever minimum balance remains between the 5th of the month and the last date of the month, interest is added to it in the same month. Whatever money you deposit after the 5th, you will get interest on it from the next month.


If you have invested Rs 1.5 lakh in the PPF scheme on or before April 5. In such a situation, you will get a total of Rs 10,650 as interest at the rate of 7.1 percent. At the same time, if you have deposited this money on or after April 6, then you will get interest only for 11 months. In this situation, you will get Rs 9,763 as interest. That means you will get about Rs 887 less interest.

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