Post Office Scheme: Deposit money in these schemes of Post Office, and a fund of Rs 12 lakh will be ready in no time.


Like banks, many savings schemes are run in the Post Office too. One of them is Post Office RD. This scheme is like a piggy bank in which a fixed amount has to be deposited every month. This amount is given to you with interest after maturity. Post Office RD is for 5 years. Currently, interest is being given on this RD at the rate of 6.7%.


Interest is calculated every quarter. The better the amount you deposit, the bigger the amount you can add through interest. If you want, you can add up to Rs 12 lakh through Post Office RD, but for this, you will have to run an RD of ₹ 7000 every month. Know here how to add Rs 12 lakh.

This is how you will earn a lot of money
If you invest Rs 7000 every month in this scheme, then you will invest a total of Rs 4,20,000 in Post Office RD in 5 years. In this, you will be given interest at the rate of 6.7 percent. In such a situation, according to the calculation, you will get Rs 79,564 in 5 years only as interest. In such a situation, by adding your invested amount and interest, your maturity amount will be Rs 4,99,564 i.e. about 5 lakh rupees.

But you will have to extend the RD for the next 5 years before it matures, that is, you will have to run the RD for a full 10 years. If you invest for 10 consecutive years, your total investment will be Rs 8,40,000. On this, you will get Rs 3,55,982 only as interest at the rate of 6.7 percent, and on maturity you will get Rs 11,95,982 i.e. almost 12 lakh rupees.

This is how the extension will happen

To get the extension of Post Office RD, you have to apply at the concerned post office. The same interest rate will apply to the extended account at which the account was originally opened. The extended account can be closed at any time during the extension period. For full years, you will get the benefit of RD interest rate, for less than one year, the interest rate of the Post Office Savings Account will be applicable.


For example - If you withdraw money from an account extended for 5 years after 3 years and 6 months, then you will get 6.7 percent interest for its three full years, but for 6 months, interest will be given at the rate of 4 percent of Post Office Savings Account. But if you want to make Rs 12 lakh from Post Office RD, then you will have to invest Rs 7000 for the entire extended period of 5 years.

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