Post Office: If you are investing in post office then first know that 80C benefit is not available on these schemes...


Post Office Saving Schemes are very popular to save tax. Most small savings schemes provide the benefit of Section 80C of Income Tax, but there are many post office schemes where this benefit is not given to investors. In such a situation, before investing in tax savings, you should know about these schemes.


80C benefit is not available on these post office schemes
Kisan Vikas Patra: This is a post office scheme, in which the benefit of Section 80C is not given. The tax has to be paid on the returns received from this. Income from this scheme is counted in 'Income from other sources' in ITR.

RD: Even in RD of five years, the benefit of income tax basis 80C is not available. In this, tax has to be paid on the entire return received.

Post Office Time Deposit: You can make a time deposit in the post office for one, two, three, and five years. Income tax benefits are available only on time deposits of five years. There is no tax exemption on the remaining deposits of one, two, and three years.

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme: Even in this scheme, investors do not get the benefit of income tax. Up to Rs 9 lakh can be invested in this scheme. TDS is deducted if the interest earned exceeds a limit.


Mahila Samman Saving Certificate: This scheme was announced by the Modi government in Budget 2023. There is no tax benefit on this scheme also. In this scheme, you have to pay income tax on the interest income.

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