Pollution Prevention Tips: Keep children away from the ever-increasing dangers of air pollution in this way..


Pollution Prevention Tips: Air pollution is becoming a major threat to health. Not only elders but also children are being badly affected by this. Their growth is being affected and due to this, they are also becoming victims of many other diseases in their childhood. Children's sensitivity to air pollution can arise for several reasons. Their airways are smaller and less developed, making them more sensitive to harmful pollutants. Additionally, children breathe more rapidly than adults, increasing the amount of air they inhale and the amount of pollutants they are exposed to. Their developing immune systems are also less strong, making them more prone to respiratory infections and other health problems related to air pollution.


Keep these things in mind to protect children from air pollution
1. Reduce children's outdoor activities or choose a time when the level of air pollution is less, such as in the evening.

2. Choose places where there is less vehicular traffic for exercising or playing outside.

3. It is important to keep the air inside the house clean and neat. For this, install an air purifier in the house. Also give space to those indoor plants, which contribute to keeping the indoor air clean.

4. If there is strong sunlight, keep the windows and doors of the house open for some time. This eliminates harmful germs present in the house.

5. Avoid smoking indoors completely.

6. Promote healthy lifestyle. Do exercise daily. There is a lot of pollution outside, so do stretching and weight training indoors. Physical activities strengthen the respiratory system and improve overall health.


7. Apart from all this, focus on a balanced diet. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains contains many essential nutrients for the body, which contribute to keeping health-related problems at bay.

8. All this planning is very important to protect children from air pollution. By paying attention to these things, they can be protected to a great extent from the polluted environment.
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