PNB Update: PNB issues alert for crores of its customers, after this the bank will not be responsible..


After the order of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banks across the country are warning their customers about any kind of banking fraud. After SBI, now Punjab National Bank has issued an alert to crores of its customers regarding banking fraud. Let us tell you that in the last few months, many cases of banking fraud have been seen. In such a situation, an alert has been issued by the bank. Earlier, the Government of India had also issued an advisory and warned the common people and institutions about the possibility of a major cyber attack.


Punjab National Bank has mentioned various types of alerts on its Twitter handle. Also issued a tweet saying that fraudsters are present everywhere these days. Be alert and know ways to avoid them. Take special care of these things while using your debit card at any point of sale.

The bank has also suggested some methods to avoid this type of fraud.
  Always keep in mind that your card should be swiped only in your presence.
Do not share the PIN or any confidential information with anyone.
  Always check your debit card after receiving the bill.
  Never forget to collect the bill after shopping.

Even before this, the bank had issued an alert asking customers to be cautious of fake calls. Actually, some people are defrauding customers by making fake calls by pretending to be bank employees. They get information from them by threatening them over the phone regarding their bank account and making money disappear from their account. In such a situation, PNB has issued an alert to ensure that the bank's customers do not fall into any trap.


How to avoid bank fraud
1 Do not share OTP, PIN, CVV, or UPI PIN.
2 What to do if money is withdrawn from a bank account
3 Never save banking information on your phone
4 Do not share ATM card or debit card information
5 Bank never asks for any information
6 Be careful in online payment
7 Do not install software without testing
8 Check Unknown Links
9 Stay away from spyware
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