Pitru Paksha 2023: Why is Tarpan incomplete without Kush? If you know these things then you will not make mistakes again..


Pitru Paksha, Tarpan, Shraddha, etc. are performed for the self-satisfaction of the ancestors. Tarpan is very important to satisfy the ancestors because only through this do they get water. There is a shortage of water in the ancestral world, hence by offering tarpan the ancestors are pleased and give blessings. But you should know that Shraddha remains incomplete without Tarpan Kush. If you offer tarpan with Kush, the ancestors are satisfied. Offering tarpan without Kush causes problems for the ancestors and they may also remain unsatisfied. You don't even get the full virtue of offering tarpan. Let us know what is the importance of Kush in Tarpan.


Is Tarpan incomplete without Kush?
Kashi's astrologer Chakrapani Bhatt says that in Hindu religion, Kush is considered sacred because nectar resides in it. According to mythological beliefs, when the nectar pot came out from the churning of the ocean, some of its drops also fell on Kush. Due to its influence, Kush never dies. No matter how dry it becomes, as soon as raindrops fall, a new flower emerges from it.

After death, the soul goes to the ancestral world and the body merges into the five elements. Ancestors do not have a body, hence when you offer water without Kush, the ancestors are not able to receive that water. They face a lot of difficulty in accepting it and may even remain dissatisfied with it. Which can also become the reason for their resentment.

Offer tarpan from the forehead of Kush, the ancestors will be happy.
When you offer tarpan to your ancestors, take Kush in your hand and give water to the ancestors from its tip. That water should touch the tip of Kush and go for the sake of ancestors. The ancestors easily accepted that water. They are satisfied with that water. If the ancestors are pleased with the offering and give blessings, then there is an increase in descendants, wealth, happiness, prosperity, etc.


Kush originated from the hair of Lord Vishnu
According to religious beliefs, Kush originated from the hair of Lord Vishnu. Trinity resides in Kush. Lord Shiva resides in the front part of Kush, Lord Vishnu resides in the middle part and Brahma Dev resides in the root. Because of this Kush never becomes impure. You can use it again and again. Kush is called Darbha in Sanskrit.
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