Pitru Paksha 2023: Those performing Shraddha should take special care of these things! Ancestors give special blessings when they are happy..


Gaya is called the city of Vishnu. This is called the land of salvation. By offering Pind Daan in Gaya, the ancestors get salvation and go to heaven. It is believed that Vishnu himself is present here in the form of an ancestral deity, hence it is also called Pitru Tirtha. Here, by offering Pind Daan near the Vishnupad temple and Akshayavat on the banks of river Falgu, ancestors get salvation. But do you know which rules and food habits should be given special attention during Pitru Paksha? Special information on this was given by Pandit Ramacharya of Gaya Mantralaya Vedic Pathshala.


The period from the full moon to the new moon is called Pitru Paksha.
Pandit Ramacharya of Gaya Mantralaya Vedic Pathshala explains that during Pitru Paksha, the ancestors come to the earth from the heavenly world. After blessing their children to be happy and prosperous, the ancestors go back to Devlok on the day of Amavasya. The period from the full moon to the new moon is called Pitru Paksha. During these 15 days, people remember their ancestors and perform their Shraddha rituals according to the date. Some rules regarding Shraddha rituals have been mentioned in the scriptures, which must be followed.

Follow these rules
Pandit Ramacharya says that when Gayaji comes to perform Shraddha, he should have food once. Always speak the truth, sleep on the ground, do not harm any living creature, do not live in too much pomp, do not wear flamboyant clothes, always remain absorbed in the worship of God, and follow celibacy. Five gods should be worshiped daily. Remaining calm, renouncing anger, and doing charity to the needy, whoever follows these rules gets special results from Shraddha.


Keep away from eating these things
During Shraddha, if you are preparing food for the ancestors, then definitely take care of its purity. Before preparing food, clean your house, especially the kitchen, thoroughly. According to the scriptures, the ancestors are pleased with purity and the Shraddha results. During Shraddha, prepare only satvik food at home. Do not use onion, garlic, yellow mustard oil, and brinjal for preparing food in the name of ancestors.

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