Pitru Paksha 2023: This is why feeding crows is important during Pitru Paksha, this blessing was received from Ram Ji...


Pitru Paksha Upay 2023: Pitru Paksha has special importance in Sanatan Dharma. This year Pitru Paksha is starting from 28th September 2023, which will end on 14th October 2023. According to religious beliefs, during Pitru Paksha our ancestors come to meet us in the afterlife live among their family members and consume food and water. Let us know the religious significance of feeding crows during Pitru Paksha.


According to another legend, when a crow pecked Mother Sita, Lord Shri Ram, in anger, burst the crow's eye with an arrow. But when Koa apologized, Lord Ram blessed him that by feeding him the ancestors would be pleased. Since then, the tradition of feeding crows during Pitru Paksha has been going on.

It is considered the symbol of Yamraj
According to religious beliefs, it is considered a symbol of Yamraj. In such a situation, if a crow is fed food during Pitru Paksha, then the ancestors are pleased with it and bless you with happiness and prosperity. Accepting food from a crow is a symbol of the ancestors being pleased, whereas if the crow does not accept the food given by you, then it is considered to mean that your ancestors are angry with you.


Get blessings from ancestors
According to another belief, our ancestors came to meet us in the form of crows. That is why the food prepared for the ancestors is offered to the crow. If the crow flies away after eating a portion of its food, it is believed that your ancestors have blessed you.

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