Pithori Amavasya 2023: Do these accurate astrological measures on Pithori Amavasya, every problem will go away...


Pithori Amavasya 2023 Ke Saral Upay: According to the Hindu calendar, the Amavasya date of Krishna Paksha of each month has special significance. Its importance increases further when it is the Amavasya date of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. This year Pithori Amavasya is falling on Thursday, 14 September 2023. It is also called Pithori Amavasya, Kushotpatini, or Kushagrahani Amavasya. By adopting some simple and surefire astrological remedies on the day of Pithori Amavasya, you can get rid of many problems coming into your life. What are those solutions, you will know from Bhopal resident astrologer and Vastu consultant Pandit Hitendra Kumar Sharma.


Correct measures to be taken on the day of Pithori Amavasya
1. Money solution

According to astrology, if you want you never have a shortage of money and grains, then clean the entire house thoroughly on the new moon day of every month and do not keep any garbage in the house. There should also be adequate lighting arrangements in the house on this day. Be sure to light a bulb or lamp in every corner of the house. With this solution, you will not face a shortage of money throughout your life.

2. To please the ancestors
If you want the blessings of your ancestors to remain upon you, then on the day of Pithori Amavasya, you should offer Tarpan, Shraddha, and Pind Daan to your ancestors. If you are not able to perform Tarpan and Shraddha, then donate clothes, money, and food to a needy person in the name of your dead ancestors.

3. Remedy for Shani Dosh
According to astrology, those people who have evil eye of Saturn in their horoscope and due to it are having a negative impact on their life, then they must light a mustard oil lamp under any Peepal tree on the day of Amavasya. With this remedy, one can get relief from Shani Dosha.

4. Solution to remove fear of the enemy
According to astrology, those people who are facing the fear of enemies should feed bread smeared with oil to a dog after worshiping the gods and goddesses on the day of Pithori Amavasya. If there is no dog, you can feed that bread to crows also. You will definitely benefit from this solution.


5. Solution to get the desired job
If you have been unemployed for a long time or are searching for the desired job, then according to astrology, take a lemon in the morning on the day of Pithori Amavasya, wash it, and keep it in any temple. Now bring this lemon back in the evening and take it seven times in a clockwise direction from head to toe, cut it into four pieces, and go to the intersection and throw it in all four directions. With this solution, one can get the desired job.

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