Pineapple Tea: Have you ever tried pineapple tea for weight loss? Try it once and see the difference


Pineapple Tea: Pineapple is a fruit that is a storehouse of nutrients. Many nutrients like protein, fibre, iron, and vitamins are present in it. There are many benefits to health from this. But do you know that it can fulfil your weight loss mission? Actually, carbs and calories are very less in pineapple and the amount of fibre is very abundant. Because of this, it is considered good for people looking to lose weight. Although you can eat it in many ways, if you drink pineapple tea, then you can get a lot of benefits from it.


Low calorie- Pineapple is low in calories. That's why this fruit is considered good for weight loss. If you include pineapple tea in your diet daily, then your weight will start reducing.

Low Carb- Carb is also very less in pineapple. This is the reason why it is considered beneficial for weight loss. If you also want to complete the weight loss mission, then include pineapple tea in your diet.

Rich in fibre- Pineapple has the right amount of fibre. Because of this, it can help in weight loss. When you drink pineapple tea, your stomach feels full for a long time and when your stomach is full, you do not have any craving to eat anything. Because of this, you may lose weight.

Bromelain - An enzyme called bromelain is found in pineapple, which works to burn fat in the body. It also makes it easier to digest food and your digestive system also remains healthy and because of this, metabolism remains correct, which helps in weight loss.

How to make pineapple tea
pineapple juice
Lemon juice
tea bag


Pineapple Tea Recipe
To make pineapple tea, first, boil the water.
Now pour this water into a glass.
Dip the tea bag in it and leave it for 5 to 7 minutes
Now add pineapple and lemon juice to it.
Keep it in the fridge for a while and drink it
There is no doubt that the amount of fibre in pineapple is high and calories and very less is found. Because of this, it is a good addon for the weight loss journey. But you cannot lose weight by drinking pineapple tea alone. For this, you also need regular exercise and a proper diet. (PC. Social media)

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