Health Tips: Not eating breakfast can be harmful for health, know how...


People who have made a habit of staying up late at night and then leaving the house without having breakfast, such people need to change their habits. A study conducted in America has revealed that the risk of stomach and intestinal cancer has been seen in people who do not have breakfast habitually. This study was conducted on 62746 people in America. All were middle-aged, around 50 years old.


Oncologist Dr. Shyam Aggarwal says that people who stay awake till late at night every day, then eat late and often stay at parties, drink alcohol, they never wake up in the morning and have breakfast, hence they have a higher risk of cancer. Has been observed. Cancer is also a lifestyle disease. People who have a healthy lifestyle, that is, eat healthy food at the right time and exercise, have less risk.

Risk of Cancer:
Preventive healthcare expert Dr. Shikha Sharma said that it is important to have breakfast, but it is also important to know what to take. If people who have gastric and acidic problems remain on an empty stomach in the morning, then acid is produced in the stomach and it damages the intestinal wall. Sometimes this also causes ulcers and if this happens continuously, it turns into cancer.

What should be taken for breakfast?
Dr. Shikha Sharma said that people who have acid problems should take fennel, celery, and ginger water first thing in the morning. Then after some time, eat some fruit and then eat something made from grains, like idli, poha, or salty porridge made with vegetables.


Best digestion of grains during the day:
Those who have acidic problems should not eat curd, milk or its products and parathas. Avoid eating fried things at all. After this have lunch at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. The best digestion of grains takes place during the day, as the evening progresses after the sun sets, the digestion process also slows down, hence it is better to take soup at night.

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