Pegasus Spyware: Is this dangerous spy present in your iPhone, Apple released security update..


If you also have Apple's iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and smartwatch, then update them immediately. If you do not do this quickly, it is possible that the world's most dangerous spying spyware Pegasus may be installed in your Apple device. Internet security watchdog Citizen Lab says that hackers are trying to introduce Pegasus into Apple's iPhone and other devices. After Citizen Lab informed Apple about this, the company has now released a new security update to prevent Pegasus from being installed on the iPhone.


Actually, Citizen Lab discovered that last week hackers were trying to break into the iPhone device of a social worker working with some international organizations. Hackers are using ‘Zero Click Vulnerability’ to install Pegasus spyware. Zero click vulnerability means that Pegasus gets installed on any device without the users clicking on any link or anywhere else. Citizen Lab named it zero-day malware.

Apple released updates
Citizen Lab called this spyware BLASTPASS, which can harm iPhones running on the latest version of iOS (16.6) without users knowing. Citizen Lab informed Apple about this malware. Apple immediately released a special update to fix it. These updates are for all products including iPhone, iPad, Mac computers, and smartwatches. Apple has released a list of two 'Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures' or CVEs, which identify vulnerabilities that could lead to security breaches.


Pegasus is very dangerous
Pegasus is a spyware, which is secretly installed in any phone or device. After this, whatever the phone users do, all the information goes to the hackers. The spying software Pegasus can reach the phone even through a normal WhatsApp call. This will be sent to the phone of the person to whom the call has been made, whether he answers or not. It deletes various log entries in the phone, making its presence undetected. After developing Pegasus, Israeli company NSO started selling it to the governments of various countries. Software is considered quite expensive, so normal organizations and institutions are not able to purchase it.
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