Peanuts For Skin: Peanuts can enhance the beauty of the face, know its benefits...


Peanuts For Skin: Along with health, peanuts are also very beneficial for the skin. It is rich in antioxidant properties, which help in reducing skin problems. Nutrients like fiber, protein, and potassium are found in them. It is very helpful in keeping the skin healthy. Let us know, how peanut is beneficial for the skin.


1. Leave acne
Vitamin E, zinc, and anti-oxidant properties are found in peanuts. Which help in reducing the inflammation and redness of the skin.

2. For glowing skin
Peanuts are rich in Vitamin C. Which helps in making the skin shiny.

3. Helpful in reducing dark circles
Vitamin K and fatty acids are found in peanuts. Due to this, you can get relief from dark circles.

4. For soft skin
Peanuts have moisturizing properties. Its oil is an excellent natural moisturizer. Peanut oil can be used for soft skin.

5. Anti-aging
Peanuts have many anti-oxidant properties, which prevent wrinkles and tighten the skin.

6. Helps protect against the effects of UV rays
Vitamin E present in peanuts helps in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Apply peanuts on the face like this
How to make face pack with peanuts
2 ripe bananas, 1 tsp peanut butter


To make this face pack, mash a banana in a bowl, and add peanut butter to it. Beat this mixture well. Then apply it on the face, and after about 15 minutes wash it with lukewarm water.

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