Parenting Tips: If the child is not interested in doing homework, then you can help in this way..


Parenting Tips: In today's busy life, spending time with children has become a challenge. Getting their homework done every day is an even bigger challenge because most of the children have no interest in doing it and insist on not studying, due to which parents remain worried.


Due to increasing technology and social media, children are moving away from real education with books, copies, and pens. Due to this technology, children's ability to focus is also decreasing. Focus is a skill that is useful to everyone throughout their life. If there is a deficiency in this, children will not be able to do anything big in life.

To get the homework done for such children, we are going to tell you some ways that will make it easier for them to get their homework done:

Make a timetable for children that gradually increases their study time. The child will never be able to follow the timetable of studying for three hours on the very first day. So without any pressure, take one step a day.

Create a study space where there is a chair and table for the child to study. Write positive affirmations on the walls around it so that the child remains motivated.

Keep giving study breaks. Give a break of five minutes every half hour. Small children are not able to concentrate and study for very long, hence these breaks are very important.
Connect their studies with work that interests them. This will make them read with interest.


Reduce distractions. Keep the mobile TV away when the child is doing homework. Do not use them yourself, otherwise, the child will not concentrate on their studies.

Make realistic goals. If the child is average in studies then do not chase him to top. Make the child work as hard as possible.
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