Parenting Tips: Want children to do their own work, motivate them in these ways..


Every parent wants their children to be confident and take responsibility for their work. Some children are self-motivated. They do not need to tell their work. They remain active throughout the day. But there are some children who depend on others for all their work. Be it a child or an adult, excessive dependence on others physically or mentally can make even a healthy person disabled. In such a situation, it is important that children are motivated to do their own work. In such a situation, you need to create an environment for this because children start developing self-confidence from an early age when they feel safe and loved. Today we are going to tell you how to motivate your children to do their own work. Let us know about them...


Set goals
Set some work-related goals for your child every day. This creates enthusiasm for work in the child's mind. Instead of giving too much work, give children small tasks. Like watering plants, keeping your shoes in place, and keeping your school clothes in their proper place, etc. After completing these goals, children can be given some special things to eat as a reward. This keeps them engaged and next time they work with full happiness. To do your own work, you can help children so that they can do all their work after coming back from school.

Let yourself do your work
The first thing to make children self-reliant is to make them the habit of doing their own work. While doing this, you must keep an eye on their every work. These tasks can include doing school homework, keeping your shoes and slippers in the right place at home, eating food yourself, etc. All these works will increase their self-reliance and will also bring discipline. Many times parents themselves make school activities for their children. In such a situation, your child's work gets reduced but your child is not able to learn from it. You can explain to your child or help him but do not do his work. By doing this your child will become lazy.

Make plans with kids
Make a plan to clean the house with your child. Get the child to clean his own cupboard, by doing this the children's cupboard will also become clean. Also, tell the children where to keep their clothes. In such a situation, whenever your children go to take out their clothes, they will know which of their clothes is kept.


Give responsibility
Give small responsibilities to your child. Like cleaning up his toys or arranging his books on the shelf. When he is given some responsible work, he becomes very happy, and new energy flows into him. This way, he will learn different tasks and can develop his self-esteem. He will do all the work you give him because he sees you as a role model.
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