Parenting Tips: What to do when children keep saying 'I am bored'?


Parenting Tips: Does your child also come to you every five minutes with his biggest problem called "I am bored"?


First of all, know that being bored is a good process, in which the creativity and skills of the child grow rapidly. Kids want to do something different in this irregular time frame, want some new challenges, want to get your attention, or want to know about what you are doing and so they come to you. That "I'm getting bored!"

So let's know how to deal with this awkward problem which sounds like a small one, but in reality, it is a big problem for most the mothers:

Stuffing the child with toys should not be the objective. There must be fewer but quality toys. Give them Legos, puzzles, or any building blocks type toy. So that they can be busy making different types of samples for hours. This will also increase their creativity.

Keep the child close to nature. They will be surrounded by environments like trees, plants, flowers, fruits, grass, sky, bird, squirrel, wind, and water, then their hours will pass in the lap of nature and their physical and intellectual development will also happen. If you cannot go out, you can take the child to the balcony or terrace, where they can see the open sky. Children are very happy seeing nature.

Do not bind them in routine more than necessary. They get bored quickly by following the same routine every day. Either schedule different types of creative work in their routine. For which they wait impatiently.

Set time limits for electronic gadgets. Due to its addiction, when children are away from the gadget, they feel restless. Due to this, they start getting bored immediately. So make strict rules for the use of TV mobile as much as possible.


Give them paper and color and ask them to draw what they want to be when they grow up, or what they like to eat, who they like to play with, and where they like to hang out, ask them to draw whatever they like on paper But it can be engraved. This will keep their creativity alive and you will also get to know the things in their heart.
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