Parenting Tips: Is joint family better for raising children? Know its advantages and disadvantages..


Parenting Tips: To what extent is raising children in a joint family beneficial or to what extent is it harmful, this has been a subject of controversy for a long time. Be it a joint family or a nuclear family, both have some pros and cons.


Anyway, parents have the right to raise children and they have to decide for themselves what kind of environment they want to provide to their children, depending on the environment of their family.

What is a joint family?
A joint family means a happy family, where two or three generations of people live in the same house with mutual love, food is cooked in the same kitchen and there is no division of property. The oldest person in the family should be the owner of the house. Where all the people live with mutual love and harmony, but it is said that where there are two utensils, there are definitely sounds. So let us know about the advantages and disadvantages of raising children in a joint family.

These are the benefits of living in a joint family
By living in a joint family, children develop a sense of mutual cooperation and patience.

If parents have gone away from their children or both are working, then they do not have to worry about who will take care of their children. Without worrying about the children, their parents are able to focus well on their work.

Children also develop a sense of respect and service, and spending time together helps in their overall development.

The feeling of supporting each other in happiness and sorrow also develops.

In a joint family, the upbringing of children is in the hands of many people, in such a situation it is possible that the thing for which you are forbidding your child is considered right by other family members, then in such a situation, the child is right- Will not be able to take wrong decisions and will become directionless.

Children lose control over their parents and become stubborn.


Many people live in a joint family and everyone has a different mentality. If there is violence in the home in such a situation, then the effect of domestic violence makes children victims of depression.

Of course, there are some flaws in the joint family, but by moving away from it, we move away from our values and cultures, which affects the upbringing of children.

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