Parenting Tips: In this era of social media, how to instill in children the values of connecting with nature?


Parenting Tips: There is no doubt that in today's modern era, due to mobile and social media, children are getting away from nature day by day. In such a situation, how can we bring children closer to nature, so that they also understand its importance?


So let us know what to do so that we can sow the seeds of loving nature in our children:

Take the children to the park or for a walk
Any time in the morning or evening, take the child to a park and go for a walk where he can see different types of trees, plants, sky, birds, sun, etc., and ask questions out of curiosity. Watch the sun rise or set, hear the birds chirping, and watch other children play in the mud and grass. Even if you cannot go to the park, take your child to the terrace or balcony and let him experience nature. By doing this they will become healthy both physically and mentally.

Keep children away from social media
When children spend too much time on screens, their brains lose the ability to think in detail, they start processing less, they lose focus and they do not show interest in anything else. They become addicted to social media due to which they become completely cut off from nature. Therefore, try to keep them away from social media and the internet as much as possible.

Get children to plant trees
Take children to a plant nursery and ask them to buy plants of their choice. With this, they will take an interest in this work and will plant it in a pot at home or in the garden and water it daily. The natural happiness they will get from seeing it growing will keep them motivated to plant more trees.

Take to the zoo or a picnic
By taking the child to a zoo, the child gets to see different types of animals and plants closely and ask different types of questions out of curiosity. When they go on a picnic, they experience an interesting experience outside the house where they eat and play freely. Doing all this away from the daily routine helps in the intellectual development of children. And they also experience other benefits of connecting with nature.


Talk and listen to their feelings while sleeping at night.
At bedtime, tell children interesting facts related to nature and ask them about their feelings. Give them information about the sun, moon, stars, trees, plants, animals, mountains, snow, rivers, sea etc. and also listen to their imaginations about these. By doing this, they will see similar dreams while sleeping and curiosity about nature will also remain in their mind.
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