Parenting Tips: If your child is not able to make friends, parents can help...


Help Your Child To Make Friends: Every child has different strengths and weaknesses. Some children are more friendly than necessary and some are quite introverted. Especially for children who have spent time alone at home during the Corona epidemic, friendship is also a difficult task for them. Due to spending long hours alone at home, his social skills have not been developed properly and he also shies away from meeting people. Here we have brought some parenting tips, with the help of which they can develop the child's social skills and guide them well.


Keep good communication at home- According to Harvard Health, if you want to teach good things to children, then you should start it from home. For example, all the members of the house should use good language among themselves, give respect to each other, help each other, and take care of each other. By doing this, the behavior of the child will be good even with the people outside.

Be a role model outside the house- If you go outside the house with the children, then be friendly with the people and take care of their condition of the people. When you do this, the child will also be able to learn from you how to interact with people.

Get involved in activities- Motivate your children to participate in activities that have been their hobbies. Gradually, you also interact with the child's team and give them a chance to have fun together. You also motivate them to go somewhere together, for a walk, etc.


Keep an eye- Keeping an eye does not mean that you keep an eye on the child all the time. You let the child go into every situation and tell him how to deal with difficult times. But if the situation gets out of control or there is a fight or fight, then immediately reach the spot and try to calm the situation. In this way, the child will learn how to handle the situation.

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