Parenting Tips: Does the child not feel like reading, writing, or learning anything? Know 3 reasons...


How To Improve Child Interest In Study: Parents often complain that nowadays their children do not want to study and do what they want. It seems a big task to make them sit for studies. Not only this, there is also a complaint from the school that he does not pay attention in class. Generally, such complaints put not only the parents but also the child under stress and for them, books, classes, and studies, all seem like stressful work. In such a situation, they start running away from such an environment and on seeing the books, they lose their mind from studies or do not have the confidence to learn something new. This is a challenging task according to his age.


Due to these reasons, children do not want to study
Getting angry while studying - Parenting expert Ishina B. Sadana (Ishinna B. Sadana) told in one of his posts on social media why children do not want to study. If you keep scolding them or get angry at every point regarding your studies, then it will make the atmosphere of the house negative and stressful. Because of this, the child is not able to concentrate on their studies and he starts fighting with his emotions. Because of this he starts getting irritated or annoyed in the name of studies and his attention is not spent in reading and writing.

Getting impatient on mistakes – Many parents lose patience while teaching and keep finding fault on every point. For example, if some mistakes are happening, then they start accusing the child that your focus is not on studies, or you know but do not want to focus.

Worrying more- Often parents start worrying so much about studies that they keep talking to their children about studies all day. Because of this, they get irritated and their mind starts getting upset with the study.


Ways to improve children's education
Do not create an atmosphere of anxiety or stress while studying. Try to keep yourself calm while studying. Pay attention to your actions.

Keep realistic expectations from children, do not compare them with other children. Remember that higher numbers are not the key to success and happy life.

Make studies fun and laugh during study time. With this, their brain will work better and they will not get bored of studies.
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