Parenting Tips: Do not scold your child for his misbehavior, instead improve his habits in this way


Nowadays children have become very stubborn. They neither listen to their parents nor want to understand anything. In such situations, parents sometimes scold their children or even get angry at them. However, it is wrong to do so. Lucy Cluver, a professor of Child and Family Social Work at Oxford University and mother of two children, has told in research by UNICEF that scolding by parents does not reduce the misbehavior of the child, but it can increase their problems. The child may become a victim of depression or may even take some wrong steps. In such a situation, it is very important to know how to improve the bad habits of children. 

How to improve the habits of stubborn children? 

1. Give your time to children

According to UNICEF's research on positive discipline of children, sometimes due to a lack of good relationships between children and parents, children do not listen to them. In such a situation, it is important that parents take some time from their busy schedule and switch off phone-TV and spend time only with their children. By doing this the child will start obeying you and his habits will also improve. 

2. Praise good habits

According to Professor Lucy Kluver, to eliminate bad habits developed in children, parents should praise the good habits of children. This will increase the child's enthusiasm to do that work and he will do only that work for which he is praised. 

3. Tell what is right for children

According to Professor Lucy Cluver of Oxford University, parents should always tell their children what would be right for them to do. This will bring enthusiasm among the children and they will always focus on good things. The professor also said that children should not be given too much knowledge on what not to do. 

4. Invest in doing something different and creative

According to research by UNICEF, the researcher said that if the minds of children are focused on doing something different, then instead of doing whatever they want, they will put their efforts into doing something new. This will also improve the bad habits of children. 

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