Parenting: Generation gap between parents and children becomes the reason for distance in relationships, handle the situation like this..


Time is moving very quickly and changing rapidly. The changes of this time have also brought changes in handling relationships. Nowadays it is seen that today's generation is moving away from their parents in technology and thinking, due to which a generation gap is being seen between the two and it is also affecting their relationship. Due to this generation gap, parents are not able to understand their children and by the time we are able to understand, a rift starts between parents and children. In such a situation, to maintain good relations with children, it is important to remove this generation gap. Today in this episode, we are going to give you some tips with the help of which you will be able to handle this situation well. Let us know about them...


Please give them time
Even if you are working, give full time to children. In today's time, working parents often fulfill every wish of their children but are unable to give them parental love, due to which the relationship of children with their parents starts weakening. In such a situation, if you are also working, then spend time with children during weekends. Take them on a picnic somewhere or you can make them do any of their favorite activities.

It is important to keep an open mind
What your child thinks will definitely be different from your thinking and behavior. But parents get angry or worried about this because they have already gone through that age. Parents may think they understand their child's needs and feelings, but the truth is that when you were their age, things were completely different and perhaps even easier. So you need to keep your mind open and broad thinking. You must understand that many things are socially accepted today that were not in your time. To understand and know your child better, first of all, it is essential to have an open mind.

Listen to them
If your child makes a mistake or fails a test. So the parents go completely over their heads. Don't listen to him as to why he did this and what he was going through. If they express any opinion or try to express their views, then you silence them considering it to be so. He is fighting with you. But this does not happen, you should listen to them also.


Try to understand
Mutual understanding is very important to improve any relationship. If the parents do not understand what the child wants or what he is doing, then it can be said that he is not a good parent. Instead of always giving an example of their own, children should be encouraged to become an example by doing something good in life. Many times parents need to understand their children and always stand with them. Sometimes kids need to be allowed to do what they want.

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