Pancreatic Cancer: Pancreatic cancer knocks quietly, know what its symptoms can be...


Pancreatic Cancer: World Pancreatic Cancer Day is celebrated every year on the third Thursday of November. This year it is being celebrated on 16 November. Pancreatic cancer is a fatal disease, which claims many lives around the world every year. Due to a lack of knowledge among people about this disease, it cannot be treated at the right time. Therefore, every year on World Pancreatic Cancer Day, an effort is made to spread awareness among people about this dangerous disease. Today on this occasion let us know what is pancreatic cancer, what are its symptoms and how can we prevent it.


What is pancreatic cancer?
The pancreas is a very important part of our digestive system. It is located at the back of the stomach and produces many essential enzymes to digest food. Besides, it also produces insulin to control blood sugar levels. When the cells of the pancreas start growing at an abnormal rate, they take the form of a tumor and this is called pancreatic cancer. There are no symptoms in the initial stages of this disease, due to which it is very difficult to detect, and hence it is often detected very late. But by paying attention to some of its symptoms, it can be detected early.

What are its symptoms?
stomach ache
back pain
feeling nauseous
loss of appetite
Diabetes or inability to control diabetes
light-colored stools
thickening of urine
weight loss
Indigestion (difficulty in digesting food)
Blood Clots
What are its risk factors?
Smoking or consuming tobacco is its biggest risk factor.
Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.
genetic condition
Long-term inflammation of the pancreas.
Constant exposure to dry cleaning, pesticides, etc.
Being over 65 years of age.


How can we protect ourselves?
Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol. Alcohol and tobacco are very harmful to your pancreas. Their use can cause many other serious diseases.

do the exercise. A healthy weight can reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer. Therefore, exercise daily and do not let abdominal fat increase too much. To maintain a healthy weight, you can include running, brisk walking, yoga, etc. in your routine.

Fried food from outside also increases your weight, hence do not eat junk food from outside and include green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk, etc. in your diet.
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