Pancake Recipe: Give nutritious apple oats pancake in children's tiffin!


Pancakes Recipe: If children are not given variety in their tiffin, then they soon start getting bored of eating the same type of lunch. And thinking and making new varieties every day is not an easy task. There are so many steps and so many preparations involved in making some dishes that it is not possible to work so hard every day.


In such a situation, keep some small recipes in your menu list, which you can make quickly without any preparation. The most important thing should be that this dish should be of the child's choice. More importantly, the dish should be nutritious. It is not an easy task to fit so many things into one dish.

Let us reduce this dilemma of yours, and tell you the recipe for one such dish which every child will eat with great love and at the same time will also provide nutrition to your child.

So today let us make Apple Oats Pancakes.
What you need to make Apple Oats Pancakes

cinnamon powder
jaggery powder

Apple Oats Pancake Recipe
Fry oats in a pan.
Let it cool.
After it cools down, grind it in a mixer and make powder.
After this, cut a big apple into several pieces.
Put these apple pieces in the mixer jar, add milk to it, and mix.
Put oats powder in a large bowl, and add the apple and milk mixture.
Add cinnamon powder and jaggery powder and mix well.
The pancake mix is ready.
Place a pan on the gas and grease it with ghee.
Now pour the pancake mix batter on the pan with a big spoon.
After pouring the mix into the pan, cover it.
Turn after some time, apply ghee again, and cook the other side in the same manner.
Cook well on both sides until golden.

Keep in mind that these should not be very crispy and hard. These should remain soft.
Take out on a plate and serve.
If you are giving it to eat immediately then add children's favorite syrup on top or do not add it if they do not like it.
If you are serving it in tiffin then do not add syrup.
Children will definitely like these nutritious pancakes.
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