Pan Card Tips: Know how to apply online for a PAN card sitting at home..


Pan Card: In today's time, a PAN card is used for information like opening a bank account, etc. PAN card is very useful for every citizen. The government keeps an eye on all the details related to your income and expenditure through a PAN card.


PAN card is used in most of the works. Be it your bank-related work or you want to make any kind of investment, you need a PAN card for almost every work.

In such a situation, if you do not have a PAN card and you want to get it made, then you do not need to rush or worry about getting it made. You can easily apply for a PAN card online. Today we are going to tell you the process of applying for a PAN card, so let us know about it.

Know how to apply online for a PAN card
For this, you will have to go to the official website of the Tax Information Network of the Income Tax Department

You will have to write on it that you want to make a new PAN card. You need to keep in mind whether its category is individual or trust.

You will have to fill in your important information very carefully on the NSDL website. This information includes your name, surname, title, and date of birth.

You have to fill in all the information very carefully so that there is no mistake of any kind. You will also have to write your email ID on it. Along with this, you will also have to give your mobile number.

After this, you have to apply. If you make a PAN card, then you will also have to pay government fees for getting it made.


If you make a normal PAN card, then you will have to pay a fee of approximately Rs 93 (without GST). This charge is different for foreign nationals. You can make payments in online mode.

If you want, you can pay the fees through a credit card or debit card. After this, you will also have to send the necessary documents.

The documents sent by you will be verified. When your documents are verified, then after verification you will be issued a PAN card.
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