Pan Card: Have you not got your PAN card made yet? After knowing the benefits, you will want to get it made today itself


Pan Card Benefits: You must have documents like driving license, Aadhaar card, address proof etc. which you will need for different works. If any one of these documents is missing or you do not have it, then in such a situation your work can get stuck. In this episode, there is another document which is very important to have with you and it has many benefits too. Actually, this is PAN card. The PAN card issued by the Income Tax Department is useful for many of you and if it is not with you, then there can be problems in many works. So let's know about the benefits of getting a PAN card. You can know about this in the next slides...

These are the benefits of getting a PAN card:-


Number 1
By having a PAN card, you can know how many loans are running in your name and what is the status of the loan. For example, if someone has taken a loan in your name in a wrong way or if you want to know about your loan, then you can check all this information with the PAN number.

Number 2
It is necessary to have a PAN card for paying tax and related works. PAN card is required for works like whether tax has been paid or not, whether returns have to be filed etc. Therefore, if you have a PAN card, you can do these works in minutes.


Number 3
If you want to open a bank account, then you also need a PAN card for this. Apart from the Aadhar card, this is the second document which is needed to open an account. Apart from this, PAN card is mandatory in the bank for depositing more than 50 thousand rupees.

Number 4
Whenever you take a loan, you need many documents, one of which is a PAN card. It is needed for everything from checking the CIBIL score to other works of taking a loan. Therefore, it becomes necessary to have a PAN card.

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