Online Payment: There will be no hassle of entering a UPI PIN, and no fear of money getting stuck; Make online payments like this..


Does this happen to you when you are in a hurry, have to pay for something online and it takes a lot of time to enter the UPI PIN? If yes, then now you will not have to worry about your payments.


Actually, making payments on UPI third-party apps by entering a UPI PIN is a troublesome task for every other smartphone user.

Do you know that with UPI Lite, you can make online payments securely even without entering your PIN? Yes, what is UPI Lite and how can it be used, let us know-

What is UPI Lite?
To make online transactions faster and more secure, this payment solution has been introduced by NPCI (National Payments Corporations of India).

UPI Lite is a tap payment. With UPI Lite, the chances of payment failure are very low. In this method of payment, there is no need to enter a UPI PIN.

     UPI Lite is used for small amount payments.
     UPI Lite can be used through any UPI app.
     Users can make payments of up to Rs 500 (Maximum Limit) at a time without entering UPI PIN.
     The amount can be kept in UIP Lite like a wallet. Amounts up to Rs 2000 can be kept in UPI Lite.

How to use UPI LITE
     First of all, you have to open the UPI app on your phone.
     You have to click on the UPI LITE option on the home page itself.
     Now you have to enter the amount in UPI Lite.
     Now the bank account from which money is to be added has to be selected.
     Now you have to enter the UPI PIN.
     UPI Lite gets enabled as soon as the PIN is entered.


How to pay through UPI LITE
After adding money in UPI Lite, whenever you make an online payment, UPI Lite will also be visible in the payment option. The payment is completed as soon as you tap on this option.

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