Online fraud: Hacker cheated 9.66 lakhs in online fraud, you should never make these mistakes...


Online Fraud Safety: With increasing technology, cases of online fraud are also increasing very fast. Hackers find new tricks to cheat people. Many hackers collect money on the pretext of liking videos, while some add money to Telegram groups. Meanwhile, a new type of case has come to the fore recently, where a fraudster duped a person of Rs 9.66 lakh.


The matter is of Nagpur, where the victim has been cheated. Information has been received that the victim was called by someone posing as a bank employee. The caller had told his name as Satish Dixit and said that he is an employee of a private bank.

On the other hand, many such frauds are also taking place in which hackers are changing their voice with the help of AI and looting money by posing as someone close to the victim. Given different types of online fraud, SBI has given some tips to customers to stay safe. Let's know about him.

Always use the official app or official website to use Internet banking. Do not take the help of third-party apps or websites for net banking. Whenever you open a website, always check the domain name of the website. There is always a spelling mistake in fake URLs, and this work is done by scammers.

Never share your bank password or PIN with anyone on call or email, because the official company never does this. Always keep your computer or laptop updated with the latest anti-virus and spyware software.

Keep the File and Printing Sharing feature turned off for your PC. If there is no work on the PC then it is better to turn it off. Never save your NetBanking ID or Password on a PC or Internet Browser.


Keep checking the transaction history of your bank account from time to time, so that you can keep track of the transactions.
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