Online Alert: Beware of messages that get blue ticks on Instagram and Twitter by taking money...


Who does not want to verify their account on social media? Everyone feels that if there is a blue tick on his Instagram or Facebook account, then he will have a different identity among friends. Let us tell you that you can apply for this directly from your account.


After this, the company will review your profile and tell whether you are eligible for Blue Tick or Instagram Blue Tick verification. Nowadays a big fraud game is going on with people in the name of getting a blue tick. If you have also applied for Instagram or Twitter Blue Tick, then you need to be a little cautious. Just a small mistake can put your account in the hands of scammers.

People are getting such fraud messages
When you apply for Blue Tick on Instagram, you may get a message in the name of Instagram. It is written in these messages that 'We have reviewed your account and you are ineligible for Blue Tick'. In the message, the user is asked to follow some easy steps. If you check that account, you will find that the number of followers in his account is in lakhs. This message format will also be such that you will feel that this account is not fake.

Money is asked for the blue tick
First of all, to win the trust of the user, scammers show a screenshot of some verified account, in which there is talk of getting a blue tick by taking some money from the user. This fake chat is prepared in such a way that the user in front believes that he will verify the account by taking money. But the opposite happens. After taking money from the user, scammers block the account.

Always keep these things in mind
There is only one way to avoid such scams – to keep the account secure. Always remember that Instagram, Twitter, or any social media platform never mail or message up front to get you blue ticks. To avoid any such scam, neither reply to any mail or message nor click on any link.


If someone talks to you about getting blue tick by taking money, block him immediately. Also, always keep two-factor authentication on all your social media accounts. By keeping all these things in mind, you can avoid such online scams.

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