Skin Care for Oily Skin: Acne is happening due to oily skin, so keep these things in mind..


Oily Skin Care Tips: Not everyone's skin is the same, some are dry, some are oily and some have a combination. Among these, oily skin type is also acne-prone, which is very difficult to take care of. The biggest problem with this is the blockage of skin pores. Because of this, the problem of acne and acne marks often occurs. Therefore, there should be a special skincare routine for this skin type and some things should be kept in mind during this. Let us know what things should be kept in mind in your oily skin care routine.


What is oily skin?
Having oily skin means that your skin produces more oil. There can be many reasons behind this like hormones, changes in weather, diet, genetics, or use of the wrong skin care products. With oily skin, the problem of blackheads, white heads, and acne increases. Therefore, it is important that if your skin is oily, you take special care of it.

Skin care routine

Keeping the skin clean is the most basic and first step of skin care. Dirty skin can cause many skin problems, but it can create more problems for oily acne-prone skin. Due to oily skin, dirt can accumulate in the skin pores and cause acne. Therefore, it is important to do Kalinga both in the morning and at night. Use a cleanser that doesn't make the skin too dry, otherwise, the skin will produce more oil to reduce that dryness. Along with this, you can also use a cleanser containing salicylic acid.

There is a myth associated with oily skin that they do not need to be moisturized, whereas this is not so. Moisturizing is as important for oily skin as it is for dry skin. However, keep in mind that your moisturizer is gel-based and does not clog the skin pores.

Face mask
Excess skin oil can clog the skin pores. Therefore, it is important that you use such face packs, which can clean the pores of your skin. For this, you can use clay and charcoal mask. It also reduces the oiliness of your skin.

Don't touch pimple
The relationship between oily skin and pimples is very old. No matter how hard you try, one or two pimples are bound to appear, but there is nothing to panic about. If you are troubled by them, do not press them or touch them repeatedly in an attempt to fix them quickly. Pressing them can cause stains on your face and there is also a possibility of infection. Therefore, do not touch your pimples again and again.


With oily skin, we often make the mistake of over-exfoliating. Due to this, the skin becomes more dry and the problem of acne can increase because the skin starts producing more oil. Therefore, it is better to exfoliate once or twice a week. Along with this, also keep in mind that do not use too harsh an exfoliator. This may cause micro tearing.

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