Office Etiquette: How to handle toxic people in the office and stay stress free..


Office Etiquette: You must be aware of the saying that along with the wheat, the weevil also grinds. Meaning, that if there is an army of toxic i.e. negative people around you, then gradually it starts affecting you too, especially if there are such people in the office, because it affects your professional career. Many times toxic people create such an environment that you may find yourself isolated in the office, but instead of getting hurt by this, you should know how to deal with the situation. Let us know how.


Be straight forward
The first step to dealing with such people is to make yourself mentally strong. Don't make the mistake of taking every little thing they say to heart, otherwise, you won't be able to work. If you are new to the office, then within a few days of conversation you can understand the personality of the other person. In such a situation, you set your own boundaries. Keep your distance from such people. Instead of talking or hanging out with them in the office, concentrate on your work. If there is a serious problem with their behavior, then tell them this in a clear-cut manner.

Seek help from the boss
If your simple words are not being understood by the behavior of your colleague, then it would be better to tell your boss instead of wasting your time. You go and tell them that the environment created by toxic people sitting around is affecting your work and it is becoming very difficult to work in such an environment.

Ignore their words
The aim of toxic people is to keep you entangled in some way or the other. Even if he does bad things to you. They keep talking bad about you and others about you, so here also you have to ignore their words instead of getting hurt. You know your strengths and weaknesses, so don't let what anyone says affect you. It is wise to keep a distance from who does what and says.


Keep in mind that these things should not affect your mental health because mental health is directly related to physical health. If you are facing too much trouble, then switch jobs.

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