Obesity Side Effects: If you want to get rid of obesity then these 5 drinks will be helpful


Obesity Side Effects: Of course, obesity is not kept in the category of disease, but if seen as a medical condition, it is not less than any disease. Being obese leads to diseases like hypertension, and diabetes. It has been revealed in many studies that there is a risk of getting 13 types of cancer due to obesity. People undergo surgery to avoid obesity. spend lakhs of rupees. But do you know that only a few drinks can get rid of obesity? Just have to include them regularly in your diet.


1. Green Tea
Catechins are found in green tea. It works to reduce weight. This element is called epigallocatechin gallate. Its advantage is that metabolism is better. This helps in reducing obesity. Burns extra calories. The glow remains on the face.
2. Lemon Drink
Lemon drink repairs the digestive system. This boosts the immune system. At the same time, lemon water is seen as a detox drink. This extra calorie of the body is burnt. Lemon contains antioxidants and pectin fibre. It works to remove toxins from the body. This leads to rapid fat loss.

3. Orange
Orange juice is seen as detox water. The orange market starts coming in summer. It works to increase metabolism. Fat decreases rapidly by drinking orange juice. Including oranges in the routine also improves the immune system.

4. Fenugreek
Fenugreek water also helps in reducing weight. Fenugreek water can be drunk every day in the morning. For this, soak fenugreek seeds overnight. Take out those seeds in the morning and drink that water on an empty stomach.


5. Buttermilk
Lactic acid bacillus is found in buttermilk. Healthy bacteria help improve digestion. This is very beneficial for the intestine. If you consume buttermilk every day in the summer season, it helps in reducing weight.

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