Nipah Virus Precautions: Only caution can keep you away from Nipah virus..


Nipah Virus: Nipah is a viral infection. Like Covid, it has also come from animals i.e. it is a zoonotic disease. Its infection is spread through the blood, urine, and saliva of infected bats or pigs. There is also a possibility of infection from contaminated food items. It also spreads from person to person through droplets, urine, and blood. However, cases of such infection have been seen very rarely. The last time this infection came to India, it did not spread on a large scale.


Nipah virus symptoms
Nipah virus is a type of respiratory virus. It causes problems like fever, vomiting, headache, sore throat, and difficulty in breathing i.e. common symptoms of viral infection are also seen in it. If the disease is severe, neurological problems may appear. There may be symptoms like Japanese encephalitis i.e. brain fever. The most serious thing is the deaths due to severe infection of the Nipah virus. Deaths due to Covid were two to three percent, whereas in this case, the rate is up to 40 percent. In very few cases, it has been seen that after getting infected with the Nipah virus, problems like mental problems, seizures, etc. can occur after a long time.

When to get tested and treated?
There are no particularly serious symptoms of this infection. These are like normal viral fevers. If cases of Nipah virus have been reported near you or the government has declared a particular place as a Nipah virus-infected zone, then testing of patients with severe symptoms is necessary. In this also, like Covid, an RTPCR test is done. Additionally, antibody testing can also be done. However, this is not very necessary.

Be careful
Being a viral infection, it spreads through the air and by the touch of hands. In such a situation, keep washing your hands.

Keep distance from people who come in contact with infected animals (such as veterinary etc.).

Traffic should be avoided in areas where there is infection.

People living in affected areas should avoid eating raw foods, as this virus can be infected.

Always eat cooked food. Avoid eating cut fruits and vegetables.


Avoid coming in contact with Nipah virus-infected people.

If anyone sees symptoms, contact the doctor immediately and stop meeting people for a few days.
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