New Leave Policy: Government employees have taken leave for so many days, they will lose their jobs, the government has made new rules...


Government employees get more holidays than private sector employees. Many government employees also do confusion about holidays. Recently Central Government released some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Leave Rules and Eligibility for different categories of its employees. In this, you can know about the rules related to holidays. Employees can also find out how many consecutive days of leave can be lost from the government job. Let's know about the rules related to holidays.


The central government issued FAQ
FAQ clarifies the status of questions related to the general entitlement of leave, leave encashment with leave concession LTC, encashment of earned leave, suspension, dismissal, leave encashment on removal, interest on leave encashment, study leave, study leave and paternity leave Has been done.

Will not get leave for five consecutive years
Citing Rule 12(1) of the Central Civil Services or CCS Leave Rules 1972, it said no leave of any kind shall be granted to a government servant for a continuous period of 5 years. Ordinarily, absence from duty on leave or without leave for a continuous period of more than five years, other than on foreign service, means that such Government servant has resigned from Government service.

What is the rule on leave encashment?
It has been said in the FAQ that the employees have to take leave encashment permission first. Which would be right to take with LTC? However, in some cases, leave encashment can be done even after the stipulated time.


Only women get these holidays
Only women get childcare leave to take care of the child. If the child is studying abroad or the female employee needs to go abroad to take care of it, then this leave can be granted after some necessary procedure.
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