Navratri 2023: This Navratri, Maa Durga will come riding on an elephant, this rare coincidence happened after 30 years...

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Navratri, the festival of worship, worship, and worship of Adishakti Jagadamba, is starting on Sunday, 15th October. The special thing this time is that Navratri lasts for nine days. That means no date is being canceled. Devotees will be able to worship the Mother Goddess with devotion for nine days. Some special rare items are also being made in Shardiya Navratri after many years. This time Adi Shakti Maa Durga is coming riding on an elephant in Chitra Nakshatra. Pundits say that the elephant is a symbol of knowledge, happiness, prosperity, progress, and good health.


Giving information, Astrologer Acharya Pandit Anil Kumar Pandey said that Navratri is starting on 15 October 2023. Which is ending on 24 October 2023. This time in Navratri there is no such day in which two dates fall in one day, this is very auspicious. Mother Earth will enrich the people of the earth with wealth, wealth, and prosperity.

Tamasic things are prohibited during Navratri.
Any devotee who will follow all the rules as per the rules and will have faith in the Mother, will have a feeling of devotion and will do devotion, he will get all these things very easily. In this, the use of Tamasic things is prohibited which includes meat, alcohol, garlic, and onion. A man should always speak the truth and should visit and worship the Mother Goddess early in the morning.

Rare coincidence happening after 30 years
One more special thing in this Navratri is that Sun Budhaditya Yoga is also being formed in this Navratri i.e. Sun and Buddha are in the same zodiac sign, Mercury is exalted at this time, will be in Virgo and the Sun will be in its friend sign, this is a very good combination. And there is very good yoga, apart from this, Sash Yoga and Bhadra Yoga are also being formed, such yogas were formed 30 years ago, such good yogas are being formed this time after 1993.


This is why the Goddess is worshiped during Navratri
Navratri falls four times a year - Magh, Chaitra, Ashadh and Ashwin. Navratri, which is observed in the month of Ashwin, is called Navratri. The negative atmosphere ends in Navratri. Navratri increases enthusiasm and joy in the mind. All the power in the world is in the female form only. Therefore the Goddess is worshiped during Navratri.
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