National Pension System: If the NPS account is frozen then know the way to activate it...

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It is important to do retirement planning in advance so that there is no tension regarding money in your life when you reach old age. There are many types of schemes available for accumulating retirement funds, and NPS (National Pension System-NPS) is one of them. In this, the account holder gets market-based returns. Money is invested in NPS in two ways. First Tier-1 which is a retirement account and second Tier-2 which is a voluntary account. You can take 60 percent of the total amount invested in NPS in a lump sum after turning 60, while 40 percent is used as an annuity.


In this way, through NPS, you can arrange for both a big fund and pension for your old age. In this scheme which gives double benefits, a mistake made during a contribution can freeze your account. However, you can reactivate the frozen account. Know here why the NPS account becomes inactive and how to reactivate the inactive account.

Know due to which account can be frozen
To subscribe to NPS, it is necessary to open a Tier 1 account. After this, if the member wishes, he can also open a Tier 2 account. While opening an account, you have to invest Rs 500 in Tier 1 and Rs 1000 in Tier 2. After this, it is necessary to deposit at least Rs 500 annually in Tier 1 and at least Rs 250 annually in Tier 2. There is no limit on maximum contribution. If you do not deposit the minimum prescribed amount in any year, your NPS account may be frozen or deactivated.

How will the account be reactivated?
     To reactivate a frozen account, you have to fill out the UOS-S10-A form. You get this form from the post office. Or you can take this form from where your NPS is running.

     You can also download the form online. For this, you will have to click on a link. The link is-


     A copy of the subscriber's PRAN card also has to be attached to the form. Besides, the subscriber has to deposit the outstanding amount of annual contribution in the account and also has to pay a penalty of Rs 100.

     After submitting the application, your account is verified by the office officials. After this your application is processed and PRAN is activated.

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