National Epilepsy Day 2023: How can a patient be helped in case of epileptic attack, know from the expert..


National Epilepsy Day 2023: National Epilepsy Day is celebrated every year on 17 November in India. Epilepsy is a serious disease for which there is no cure. National Epilepsy Day is celebrated to make people aware of this disease. Epilepsy is a brain disease in which the electrical signals of the brain get disturbed, due to which the person starts having seizures, which are called epileptic seizures.


Due to disturbances in brain signals, the patient has no control over his consciousness, behavior, body parts, emotions, etc. Because of this disease, the entire life of the affected person is affected. People have very little information about a dangerous disease like epilepsy. So we spoke to Dr. Aditya Gupta, Director, CyberKnife, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, to find out what epilepsy patients should do to help themselves when they have a seizure.

Epileptic seizure symptoms
     lack of muscle control
     having trouble speaking
     not understanding what is happening around
     rapid heartbeat or breathing
     feeling scared or anxious
     staring at one spot
     Changes in senses such as hearing, vision, taste, smell, or feeling

What should be done if someone has an epileptic seizure?
In response to this, Dr. Aditya Gupta told us that these things should be kept in mind during seizures-

     Try to keep the person safe during an epilepsy attack.
     To help with breathing, roll them on their side after the seizures stop.
     If they are wearing tight clothes, then loosen them, especially the clothes near the neck, so that they do not have trouble breathing.
     Take care that their head does not get hurt. Place a cushion or pillow under their head to support their head protect it from injury and remove any potential risks from the surroundings.

     Do not put anything in their mouth until the seizure has completely stopped and the person has completely recovered from the seizure.
     When a seizure lasts more than five minutes or is immediately followed by another seizure, contact your doctor immediately and seek medical help.
     Let the person rest after the seizure is over. Be with them and help them feel comfortable.
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