Mutual Funds: If you are going to invest in SIP for the first time, then first understand these important things..


Mutual Fund SIP- In today's time, SIP remains the first choice of investors. SIP has made a new high record in the month of February. An investment of Rs 19,186.58 crore has been made through SIP in the month of February. At the same time, this investment in the month of January was Rs 18,838.33 crore. Investors are very excited about SIP. In such a situation, if you are also planning to invest money in SIP, then there are some important things about which it is very important for you to know.


SIP account number
If we talk about the number of SIP accounts, the number of SIP accounts reached a historically high level of 820.17 lakh in February, which was more than 791.71 lakh in January. However, the number of new SIP registrations has declined in February. About 49.79 lakh new SIPs have been registered as compared to 51.84 lakh in January.

1. Do research before starting to invest
Whenever you plan to start investing in SIP, you should do proper research before investing money in SIP or you can also take advice from an advisor. One should not invest money in any fund without research.

2. Decisions should not be taken just by looking at the returns of SIP.
In today's time, investment in mutual funds has increased a lot, so invest wisely. You should not take any SIP decision just by looking at its returns. Because sometimes the returns of SIP which give good returns also become negative.

3. Investing in SIP can sometimes be stopped and sometimes started.
According to experts, many times it is seen that investors keep closing SIP from time to time. Sometimes he stops and sometimes he starts. It should not be done like this. By doing this investors do not get full benefit. At the same time, many times one has to suffer losses also.

4. Investing money in different funds and sectors
The way to invest in SIP is that you should invest money in different funds and sectors so that if any one fund or sector goes negative, your portfolio will not be affected much.

5. Effect of the amount invested being too low or high
While investing in SIP, investors should keep in mind that the amount invested in SIP should not be too much or less. It should be according to your financial goals and risk tolerance. If you invest very little money, you will not get a good return.


6. How to start SIP?
If you want to start investing in SIP for the first time, then for this you will first have to choose a brokerage app. You can start investing through any app like Grow, or Zerodha. After this, you will have to complete the KYC formalities. After this, verification and video call KYC will happen in your app. To register a new account you will have to fill out an application form. Only after this, you can start investing money in SIP.

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