Mutual Funds SIP Calculation: Save only ₹ 100 for 250 months, and you will get Rs 1 crore 16 lakh 5 thousand 388..

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Mutual Funds SIP Calculation: Saving only Rs 100, investing thousands, and earning in crores... this is possible. Becoming a Crorepati is now a left-handed game. It has not been difficult to understand the nuances of investing. It is important to understand where and how much to invest to reach your target. If you work with the right strategy, you will definitely become a millionaire in time. It is important that age matches with investment. There is no shortcut to becoming a millionaire. But, there is a way to make money from money. You must have heard many praises of SIP of mutual funds. Now look at the calculations also.


Start investing with a small amount
There is no need for a huge amount of investment. A big fund can be created even with a small amount. Every month you have to choose how much money to save daily and invest it regularly. You must have often seen in advertisements that mutual funds are good. But, how much is right for whom depends on the sustainability of your investment. Understand the power of SIP and travel to Rs 1 crore by saving Rs 100 daily. For this, a trick will have to be used.

By saving just Rs 100 you will get more than Rs 1 crore
Invest Rs 3000 every month in mutual funds through a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). For this, you need to save only Rs 100 daily. Invest this money for 21 years. This means you have to invest monthly for a total of 250 months. Mutual funds have given strong returns in the long term. There are many funds that have given returns of up to 20% and look quite good for further earnings. Do a complete study before choosing funds. If there is a financial planner, then invest only on his advice.

How to make Rs 1 crore in 250 months?
Daily savings of Rs 100 have to be invested Rs 3000 per month. This investment will be done through SIP in mutual funds. According to a 20% annual return, you will have Rs 1,16,05,388 in 21 years. What is to be noted here is that during 21 years you have invested only Rs 7,56,000. You have gained wealth of the remaining Rs 1,08,49,388. Meaning compounding has given tremendous benefits here.


How much will you get after adjusting for inflation?
Keep in mind that this calculation has been done only as an estimate. If we also look at inflation for 21 years, the figures will be different. Suppose you started investing with Rs 3000 and got an annual return of 20 percent, then you would have Rs 45,77,647. The investment amount will remain the same at Rs 7,56,000 and the wealth gain will be Rs 38,21,647. Here the annual inflation rate has been taken as 6%. Due to this your investment amount has been adjusted.

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