Mustard Oil: The mustard oil you are using in your home, is it genuine? Know the truth…


Mustard Oil: We Indians mostly use mustard oil or refined oil for cooking in our homes. But along with this, sometimes this question also arises in the mind of all of us, as much as we all use this cooking oil sold in the market, is it good for our health or not?


Along with this, they also think that, is the oil available in the market real or fake. By the way, there are so many oil brands in the market that it is difficult to differentiate between all of them, which is genuine and which is fake. So let us tell you how to know whether the oil you are using is good for your body or not.

Effect of adulterated mustard oil
heart and respiratory disease
vomiting and upset stomach
rashes all over the body
risk of anaemia
abdominal bloating

This is how to identify fake oil at home
First, you take a glass tube and put 5 ml mustard oil in it. After this add 5ml nitric acid to it. Mix both of these well. Now after mixing it, you will see that if the colour of the oil changes from golden to orange, then understand that the oil is adulterated. However, if the colour of the oil does not change, then it means the oil is genuine.


Keep these things in mind while buying mustard oil
Whenever you go to buy mustard oil from the market, always keep in mind that the oil you are taking should be of a good brand and packed. Along with this, mustard oil should be packed completely and it must have the certification of FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India). You always have to keep in mind while buying mustard oil that the oil must have FSSAI certification.

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