Multani Mitti: From oily skin to tanning, these are the great benefits of applying Multani Mitti on the face...


Multani Mitti For Skin: Multani Mitti is no less than a boon for the skin. It helps in getting relief from all skin problems. Today everyone is struggling with pimples, freckles, dryness, or other skin-related problems. In such a situation, you use expensive beauty products, but a large amount of chemicals is found in them, which can cause further damage to the skin.


If you want, you can include multani mitti in your skincare routine. It is very helpful in improving your complexion. Let us know, how to apply Multani Mitti on the face and its benefits.

Relief from oily skin
The properties present in multani mitti help in reducing the oiliness of the skin. It cleans the dirt off the skin. If your skin is oily, you can use the Multani face pack.

For glowing skin
Multani mitti provides essential nutrients to the face. It helps in maintaining the glow of the skin. This also improves the blood circulation of the skin.

Get rid of pimples
If you are troubled by the problem of acne, then Multani mitti can be effective for you. It helps in getting relief from blackheads and whiteheads. The magnesium chloride present in it is very beneficial for the skin.

Remove tanning
You can use Multani Mitti to get rid of tanning. For this scrub can be prepared from Multani Mitti.


How to make face pack with Multani Mitti
Take one spoon of Multani Mitti in a bowl, and add turmeric to it. Prepare a paste by mixing rose water. Apply this face pack on the face. Wash with plain water after about 15 minutes.

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