Motherhood: Mother is judged in every situation, know how to handle it..


With the birth of a child, there is also the birth of a mother. Only a mother can understand this situation better because all the experiences of motherhood are new for her. She learns a new thing every day. But along with this, she gets to see and hear something every day, which sometimes makes her frustrated and sometimes sad. And these things become the biggest causes of postpartum depression.


How a mother is judged
If a mother sits at home and takes care of the children, people do not find it a big deal. According to people, all the women of the world are doing the same. Therefore, if one woman does something like this, she is not doing anything new, everyone is doing it.
If the mother goes back to work, many people wonder why she gave birth to a child when she had to do the job.

If the mother is unable to breastfeed, then people think that the mother herself does not want to breastfeed. She is not trying well.

If the mother feeds formula, then it is the mother's fault. Everyone else will start worrying more about the child's health than the mother.

If the mother keeps the child in her lap all the time, then she is spoiling the child's habits.

If a mother tries to silence a crying child, then the mother is making the child stubborn.

A mother has to pass through many such paths of judgment. Not all mothers are able to handle it wisely and they start getting depressed due to mom guilt. She forgets that she is a mother who wants the best interests of her child.


How to handle this situation
The best way is to listen to such things and ignore them. Because these things have no importance in your life and you will waste your time thinking about them.

Do not hesitate to give accurate answers wherever appropriate. The other person should know that you are the mother of the child, and will not let anything bad happen to him. This will give you mental peace also.

Support other mothers. Like you, she too must be going through similar situations. Support and sharing will bring relief to both sides.
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