Mobile Charger: Find out if you are using a fake mobile charger in the name of a real one, with the help of this trick..


Nowadays every second user is using a smartphone. A charger is required to keep the smartphone running throughout the day and to keep the battery charged again. However, a little carelessness regarding the charger can create a big problem for any smartphone user.


Phone batteries can explode due to fake charger
The use of a fake charger can cause the phone's battery to explode. In such a situation, the question arises of how to find out whether the charger of the smartphone is genuine or not.

Actually, very few smartphone users would be aware that a special app of the Government of India helps the user in this work. Yes, with the help of the BIS CARE App of the Government of India (BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS), one can find out whether the charger is genuine or fake.

Check the product registration number on the original charger
A specific code can be checked on the original charger. The registration number of the original charger is available on the BIS CARE App.

By entering the registration number, information about the manufacturer name, product name, category, model, brand, status, and validity is available.

Where to download this app from Government of India
BIS CARE App of the Government of India (BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS) is available on the Google Play Store. Android phone users can download this 3.2MB app from the Play Store.


After downloading the app, Verify R. No. You have to tap on Under CRS. Now the license details can be checked by entering the R-XXXXXXXXX number written on the charger.

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