Mobile Apps Update: Mobile Apps are eating up the phone's battery, this powerful solution will come in handy..

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Do you also feel that your phone's battery is going down rapidly? If so, then the reason could be the mobile apps present on your phone.

Do you know, that mobile apps sometimes run in the background even when not in use?


How to identify battery-draining apps

You can check yourself which apps in the phone drain the battery the most. This app can be identified along with battery usage in the phone's settings.

The work will be done without removing the app

Once you identify the battery-draining apps, you can move on to the further process to save battery in your phone. Removing the app that consumes the most battery in the phone is not the only option.

You can save your phone battery without uninstalling this app. For this, you can turn off the background app from the developer option.

Once you know which app consumes the most battery by running in the background, you can avoid uninstalling it. For this, this app can be stopped-

Turn off the background app from the developer option

     First of all, you have to come to the settings.

     Now you have to tap on System.

     Now after clicking on About phone, you will have to go to Build number.

     Now you have to enable the developer option by tapping on this number 7 times.

     You will have to enter the PIN to proceed with the further process.

     Now you have to come back to the main settings menu.


     Now after clicking on System, the Developer option has to be selected.

     You have to tap on running service.

     Now you have to tap on the app you want to stop.

     Now you have to click on Stop and click on OK.

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