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Banana is available throughout the year and is a fruit which, being cheap, is within the reach of everyone. Banana is the best fruit to get energy. Eating bananas has many health benefits. Eating bananas relieves the problem of acidity. People who have high acidity problems should eat one banana with black salt daily. Often some people eat banana milk. Children also like to eat bananas mixed with milk. But is eating banana milk good for health?


Both milk and bananas are beneficial for the body. Most people take milk and banana as a diet to stay fit. It is said that bananas and milk increase obesity but if both are taken in the right quantity then they also keep the body healthy.

If you are eating banana and milk then first of all you have to keep in mind that you should also do some physical activity along with it. This is because milk contains fat. If you do not do any physical activity, it will increase your weight instead of reducing it. After this you have to decide how to eat banana and milk? You can also eat bananas and milk straight. Apart from this, you can also drink banana juice. If you are consuming only banana and milk, then make sure that you include some kind of protein or vitamin source along with it. For example, you can eat eggs with banana and milk. Apart from this, you can also eat gram, soybean, kidney beans, lentils, etc. with banana and milk.

Benefits of eating a banana
Banana also removes sexual problems. An enzyme called bromine present in banana removes the problem of impotence in men. Besides, the hormone called serotonin in it not only makes your mind happy but also provides satisfaction in sex. Eating banana increases sexual arousal in the body and you can perform in bed for a long time.

– Natural fiber is found in bananas. If you have a constipation problem, eat a banana every day. Many people suffer from constipation i.e. dry constipation. Constipation can be easily cured by eating one banana daily.

— A study conducted by the Imperial College of London has proved that if children are given just one banana daily, the effect of asthma is reduced by 34 percent. Children who do not like to eat bananas can be given a smoothie of banana and curd or banana and milk in the morning.

Drinking bananas and honey mixed with milk relieves the problem of insomnia. Besides, it also regulates the sugar level of the body, which is a panacea for hangovers.

— Eating bananas in breakfast increases energy and also provides nutrients like sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Those people who are unable to eat food due to busyness, if they eat banana, they will get instant energy.

— Women need vitamins and minerals the most during pregnancy. In such a situation, if they include bananas in their diet, the body will get energy and it will also be easily digested.


— When you have acidity, eat a banana. You will get relief from the problem of acidity in some time. Actually, a layer of banana covers the intestine and protects it from acid. Those who suffer from acidity problems should eat one banana with black salt daily.
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