Mappls: Google Map also fails in front of this navigation app, you can download it for free, these are its top features..


When you have to go somewhere and do not know the way there, you take the help of Google Maps. But many times you have to face problems in this. Here we are telling you about a mapping app that is more advanced than Google Maps. Let us know what is there in this app that makes it more special than Google Maps.


The name of the mapping app we are telling you about is Maples. It is run by a company named Map My India. This company is present in the market for the last 28 years. The same company also provides the facility of maps in the system fitted by the company in most of the vehicles in India. You can download the Maples app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Whenever you move towards a long bridge or a highway, you often get confused about whether to go over the bridge or from the side, because Google Maps does not show you this. But Maples also shows you the entire route in a separate 3D view and explains it by voice.

Sometimes we are in a hurry and forget that now high-speed cameras have been installed on the roads which send the challan directly to your mobile. To avoid this, Maples informs you in advance about all the speed cameras present on the road and their fixed speed limits.

Maples app also keeps giving you advance information about the potholes in your journey so that your journey remains comfortable and you can enjoy your journey. This can reduce the number of accidents and the damage caused to your vehicle due to potholes also reduces to a great extent.


When you go on a trip, a lot of your money is also spent on paying toll tax. Maples also tells you in advance how many tolls are going to come on the way to the place where you are going and how much money will be deducted on which toll.
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