Mango Shake: For how long should the mango shake be churned in the mixie... Try making it like this once


Mango Shake-Making Tips: In summer, there will be very few houses where mango shakes are not made. Mango can be of any variety. Mango lovers definitely like to make and drink Mango Shake. The special thing about this shake is that make it as you want, people do not refuse to drink it. If desired, serve after mixing only milk and sugar in mango pulp. Serve it garnished with dry fruits if desired. Serve it after cooling it slightly with ice. The mango shake looks delicious in every way. But there is also a way by which your made mango shake will not only be tasty but will also be better than the mango shake made by others.


How to Make Mango Shake
People who make mango shakes must know about their recipe. You have to take mango pulp. Put it in the mixer and mash it. Add milk and sugar to it. Simply wonderful Mango Shake will be ready. You can decide how much sugar you want to keep according to your taste. If you have a big jar of mixer then you can grind mango, milk and sugar together. If there are children at home, you can mix dry fruits with mangoes. Due to this Mango Shake will be tasty as well as healthy.


Whisk milk only so many times
By the way, the process of making Mango Shake is very simple. But, by trying a small secret, you can change the complexion of this shack. Because of this the shake made by you will be smoother than the shake made by others. Its texture will also be better than the shake made by others. Whenever you make a mango shake, first mash the mango by putting it in the mixer. Then add sugar and mix it well. When both mango and shake are mixed, then mix the milk. And run the mixer only for ten to twenty seconds. The more the milk is shaken, the more its texture changes. Due to excessive beating, the fat of milk also starts to look different. That's why after mixing milk, whisk the shake just enough so that mango and milk become one essence. By doing this, the smoothness of the milk will give a different texture to the mango shake. (PC. Social media)

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