Mangalsutra: What is the importance of Mangalsutra? How does it protect the husband? know here...


In Sanatan Dharma, Mangalsutra has been considered a symbol of marriage and a sign of honeymoon since ancient times. There is hardly any reason why married women wear Mangalsutra around their necks with devotion after marriage. Mangalsutra is considered very dear to married women. After wearing it, their beauty only increases. There are many other benefits as well. In fact, when a woman gets married, it is often seen that everyone's eyes are fixed on the bride. It is obvious that along with the bride, people also want to see her jewelry. Apart from this, people also want to see Mangalsutra.


There is a religious belief regarding Mangalsutra that Mangalsutra is very important for married women. In such a situation, the tradition of wearing Mangalsutra has been going on for centuries. According to astrological calculations, there are many miraculous properties behind Mangalsutra. But today in this report we will tell you how a wife protects her husband with Mangalsutra and how she is protected by Mangalsutra. So let us know in this report.


Importance of Mangalsutra
According to astrological calculations, Mangalsutra is considered very important for married women who believe in Sanatan Dharma. In the Mangalsutra, one thread has black beads and one has gold beads. Inauspicious powers are warded off by the black pearl threaded in the Mangalsutra. It is believed that Mangalsutra protects the husband in all circumstances. All the troubles that befall the husband are removed. There is hardly any reason that the practice of making the bride wear a Mangalsutra at the time of marriage has been going on for centuries. Not only this, according to religious scriptures it is said that gold in Mangalsutra purifies the body. Wearing Mangalsutra creates mutual love between husband and wife and protects them from evil eyes.
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